Public Libraries

Niceville Public Library
The Niceville Public Library is very popular with residents of all ages. In addition to its large collection of reading, listening and viewing materials, the Niceville Public library offers the community a huge variety of programs for toddlers, preschoolers, children, teens, young adults, adults and seniors.

The library currently houses approximately 70,000 items, including DVDs, audios, videos, CDs, and print materials, and subscribes to 158 periodicals. The Niceville Public Library offers 29 public use computer terminals with fiber optic connection.

A special feature of the library is the 700 gallon salt-water aquarium located in the Florida/Local History area.

Library cards are available to all residents of Okaloosa County at no charge.

The Niceville Public Library is located at the Civic Complex, 208 N. Partin Drive, across from Ruckel Middle School.


Valparaiso Community Library
The Valparaiso Community Library is a state-of-the art media center specializing in family programs and activities. The Valparaiso Community Library has over 42,000 items in its collection of books, ebooks, audio books, digital audio books, music CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and more.

The Valparaiso Community Library also offers 18 public computers for internet access, emailing, gaming, social networking, and more. Each computer is installed with Microsoft Office™ software which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for your office needs.

The library is home to the Louis K. Fitzgerald Genealogy and Historical Collection, one of the largest genealogical research centers in Northwest Florida.

The Valparaiso Community Library is located at the City Hall Complex at 465 Valparaiso Parkway.